Dr. Jack H. Sheen, M.D.
Dr. Jack H. Sheen, M.D. - Specializing in Nasal Surgery
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I am now fully retired, having enjoyed my private plastic surgery practice. I am no longer seeing and/or consulting on the phone with any of my prior patients. I have completely closed my practice in Santa Barbara, California.

If you would like information for a referrals, see below: I recommend the following surgeon who is recognized as an expert in the field of nasal surgery and revision rhinoplasty:

Mark B. Constantian, MD
19 Tyler Street, Suite 302
Nashua , NH 03060

I feel most confident in referring my patients to Dr. Constantian. When I was in practice, Dr. Constantian and I collaborated for over 25 years. His techniques are similar to mine and he does all of his work without external excisions, just as I did. In addition, he has written and continues to write extensively on the subject of endonasal surgery and is always in demand as a lecturer on the subject.

In addition to caring for my patients and his own, Dr. Constantian has devoted his practice to extending my work and to his own research on airway problems, grafting techniques, and correcting all types of nasal deformities.

It is important to note that, when you meet with Dr. Constantian, he will perform a full examination and take your history, making the need to access my patients’ records unnecessary. My office records and patients’ charts are no longer available.

For further information on Dr. Constantian, his office and his philosophy, click on his website address to enter his web pages.

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